We know there are lots of bargains out there, and we appreciate everyone who stopped in to learn more about diving with us here at Blue Corner. We have had a busy 2018/2019. We established the first PADI Freediver Center on Nusa Lembongan, as well as a formidable conservation program that is chalk full of scientific substance. We want to share these new goodies with our guests, new and returning, young and old. To celebrate all of the new stuff, we are keeping our ADEX promotional offers live for those who came for a chat, as well as adding in a few new ones!


SCUBA Diving Promo Prices

Enjoy special ADEX rates for the following programs. Promotional prices must be booked in advance, and are subject to availability. Can be booked and used at any of our four locations around Bali. Please note these SCUBA packages do not include accommodation or transportation, so please get in touch for help with these additions.


Freediving and SCUBA Packages

We are proud to announce that Blue Corner Dive can now offer our guests a chance to try out a new adventure- Freediving. As a growing sport that offers an opportunity to see the underwater world through different eyes, we have worked hard to be the first PADI Freediver Center on the island, and to offer a safe and mind-opening freediving experience.


Since our first ADEX, we have been offering our guests an exclusive deal to purchase a pack of 10 fun dives for 480 SGD, valid at any of our dive locations around Bali, and good forever. You read that right, they are valid forever, and can be given to friends, family, strangers or even enemies (if you wish to reconcile). For 48 SGD per dive, they are quite a deal.


Marine Megafauna Conservation Week

Blue Corner Jungabatu, NUsa Lembongan

650 SGD (12 Dives)

Want to do something a bit more conservation oriented for an extended vacation? Join us for our new Marine Megafauna Conservation Program, a six day course focused on some of the more charismatic wildlife that inhabit the waters around Nusa Lembongan. During this program, you will earn a Project Aware Shark Conservation Specialty, as well as the PADI Manta Conservation certification. You will learn how we study and protect the Mantas on the islands, through photo identification and logging, as well as different aspects of shark habitat, life cycle, and threats.