Environmental Policy

Our team of conservation biologist have worked hard to design our eco-resort to have minimal impact on the fragile island environment.

We have opted away from using cement breakwaters (as is standard on the island), and instead have planted heliophilic plants to act as natural erosion protection along the beach.  Additionally we have set back our buildings several metres from the high-tide mark to eliminate the need for un-natural erosion barriers.

Landscaping on our property has been done using native plants to Indonesia.  Buildings on our property were constructed as much as possible from sustainably produced natural products – such as coconut wood and thatch (alang-alang). Building designs are based on traditional architecture which maximizes light and airflow to reduce energy needs.

We limit the use of plastic in our business and encourage customers to refill water bottles. Garbage and waste can be a big issue on small islands, and therefore we maximize the recycling of waste products.  Food waste from our restaurant is composted.

The marine environment we operate in is part of the Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area.  Divers are briefed before each dive and encouraged to avoid negatively impacting the reef.  Our dive boats do not use anchors on the reef, but instead mooring bouys where available.

Because Blue Corner Dive is owned by marine biologists we encourage guests to learn as much about the reef environment as possible in order to reduce their own personal impacts. Therefor our guided dive trips are conducted from a naturalist point of view. Additionally we have several reef monitoring projects which customers can learn about.

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