Blue Corner Freedive is Nusa Lembongan’s first PADI Freediver Center, and specializes in beginner level freedive training and recreational freediving. Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida boast an incredible variety of underwater life, and are famous for their healthy reef systems, clear water, and magestic megafauna, notably Manta Rays and Molas.


What is it?

Instagram is chalk full of beautiful mermaids posing underwater, floating effortlessly as if they were in front of a green screen. We constantly see pictures of humans diving with nothing but fins and a mask, having amazing interactions with Sharks, Rays and Whales. Can we all do this? 

The short answer is yes. Freediving is by definition holding your breath underwater. So what is it that sets these fish people apart, that allows them to extend their bottom time and interact with another world we can’t access? Training. Much like scuba divers need to train and learn before they master their craft, Freedivers need to be instructed in a safe and reassuring environment where they can learn to conquer the mental and physical challenges the sport presents. 

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The hype

Blue Corner Freedive can help you dive deeper into your own mind and body to unlock the tools to live a more relaxed and efficient lifestyle. The sport of freediving has been given the term "underwater meditation" as students learn how to relax weightlessly and comfortably underwater, enjoying the ocean in a new and mind-blowing way.

Already certified?

Fun Freedive Trips

If you are a certified freediver, or once we complete your training and make you one, recreational freediving trips can be organized to our amazing local sites to get a chance to practice your skills and interact with some amazing creatures. Due to the tricky site conditions, we are not always able to conduct training at these locations.

*Prices will be based on number of freedivers / snorkelers on the trip.


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