Whether you want to just dip your head in the pool to get the feel of it, or head out to practice your new skills in the open water surrounded by beautiful reefs and Mantas, we have the course for you. 


Introduction to Freediving


An exciting and mind opening day of fun

Freediving physiology

Two hour pool session

Discounted upgrade to Freediver certification

All equipment required

Open water session (6m max)


Feeling the pressure to try something new and exciting, but can’t commit to the whole deal just yet? We designed this course with you in mind. Start off by sitting through some theory presented by a passionate instructor, clearing the mind of any unnecessary doubts. Then we will jump in the pool to dazzle the senses and get a feel for what it is to think and act like a Freediver.

The introduction course will help you to get comfortable with the basics, and then take you on an easy transition to a shallow open water site of maximum 6 meters. If you decide you love it, we can help you upgrade easily to the PADI Freediver certification course. We want you to progress at your own pace, and are here to guide you through it!

If you are interested in doing a POOL ONLY intro, we are happy to get you in the pool in a couple of hours and give you a taste. Rates will vary based on number of people interested.

PADI Freediver


Freediving theory

Dynamic apnea

Static apnea and breath hold techniques

Free immersion

Confined pool session

All equipment required

Two open water sessions (16m max depth)

Constant weight

Are you ready to learn a new skill, challenge yourself mentally and physically, and meet some awesome people along the way? Everyone CAN freedive, and we want to make sure this message is spread loud and clear. With just a few techniques and some enthusiastic coaching, we can have you diving comfortably to 15+ meters, and holding your breath upwards of 90 seconds! If this sounds daunting, you are having a normal reaction; but if you let us do our job, we will help you surprise yourself.

The aim of this course is to teach students the techniques needed to freedive comfortably, safely and passionately. Our instructors guide you through the entire journey, as you conquer your mind and your body and prove to yourself that you can do something truly amazing. The level one course is strcutured to allow students the opportunity to practice relaxation techniques, breathing techniques and buddying techniques, and to introduce those interested in ways of continuing their personal training. Emphasis is put on buddying procedures and rescue techniques, as well as technique and safe diving practices.


PADI Advanced Freediver


Advanced freedive theory

Mentor coaching with freedive professional

Self training practice

All equipment required

2-3 open water sessions

24m max depth


Congratulations! You have completed your PADI Freediver certification (or equivalent from other agency) and are ready to keep progressing. Now comes the true introspection as you navigate your mind and find the strength to continue your journey deeper, and for a longer time.

In the Advanced Freediver course we take students on a more in-depth look at individual training techniques, more advanced physiology, and of course, a greater sense of accomplishment as your tackle more challenges. The Advanced course is for ANYONE who wants to build on the foundations of the beginner level, and to take the next step in discovering what they are capable of. The beginner level can give you a taste as you gain confidence in your abilities. The Advanced will get you hooked.


Fun Freedive Trips

If you are a certified freediver, or once we complete your training and make you one, recreational freediving trips can be organized to our amazing local sites to get a chance to practice your skills and interact with some amazing creatures. Due to the tricky site conditions, we are not always able to conduct training at these locations.

*Prices will be based on number of freedivers / snorkelers on the trip.


Coaching Sessions

We offer guests the chance to head out and get a coaching session with one of our experienced instructors in order to fine tune technique, or just get back into it. Coaching sessions are 500,000 IDR per person, when there is another student on a course. Private one-on-one coaching sessions can be arranged for an additional cost.