How to get to Lembongan Island

Lembongan is not as difficult to get to as it was even a few years ago.  Direct speed boats link several destinations with the two harbours in Lembongan (Jungutbatu and Mushroom Beach). The original public slow-boat still operates between Sanur and Lembongan early in the morning, but it is mostly just used for cargo and a few lost backpackers now. Most people arrive to the island on one of the many speed boat companies. It is a good idea to check which harbor in Lembongan the boat which you are arriving on uses.

The main departure port in Bali which boats to Lembongan leave from is Sanur Beach on Jalan Hang Tuah. (Also known as “Grand Bali Beach” named after the original hotel in the area, or just look for the intersection on Jl Bypass with KFC and Dunkin Donuts). Sanur is a sleepy tourist town and a nice place to spend a night if you arrive after the last boat to Lembongan leaves (5:30pm). If you are arriving to the Sanur harbor by your own transport there are public speed boats that leave regularly to Lembongan. The public speedboat office is located directly at the end of Jl Hang Tuah infront of the motorbike parking area.  The public speed boat is cheaper than the private speed boat companies, but the price does not include pick up or drop off (so you will need to negotiate transport to your hotel separately).

Private speed boat companies range in price from 250.000 – 350.000 Rp (one-way) or 500.000 – 600.000 Rp (return) per person. This price will include pick up from your hotel in Bali and drop off to your hotel in Lembongan. The “free pick-up area” for Bali is Sanur, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak… areas such as Canggu, Ubud, Nusa Dua or the Bukit Peninsula are an extra charge of 200.000 Rp/car. Beyond that you will need to hire a car & driver if you are going further.


Departing Sanur – Arrive Jungutbatu Harbor, Lembongan:

Glory Express (8:30am, 11am, 3pm)

Sanur Express (8:30am, 11am, 3pm)

Nirwana (8:45am, 12:30)

Scoot Fast Cruise (9:30, 11:30, 13:30, 17:00)

Sugriwa Express (9:30, 13:30, 17:00)

Rocky Fast Cruise (10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 17:30)


Departing Sanur – Arrive Mushroom Bay, Lembongan:

Mushroom Fast Cruise (9:30, 13:00, 16:30)

Marlin Fast Boat (10:00, 13:00, 16:00)

The Tanis (11:30, 15:30)


Lembongan to Gili Islands (Lombok)

For People arriving to Lembongan from Gili Islands, or planning to visit the Gilis or Lombok after Lembongan there are now direct boats between Lembongan and Gilis/Lombok.

Scoot Fast Cruise operates a direct boat between Lembongan and Gili Islands. This is a popular choice as they have “cruise the tropical triangle” tickets, which is a ticket that can be booked in segments on their boat which operates the following route:

Sanur (Bali) – Lembongan – Gili Trawangan – Gili Air – Senggigi (Lombok)


Lembongan to Padang Bai (North-West Bali)

Guests traveling to or from may want to take the option of traveling by boat between Padang Bai and Lembongan. Padang Bai is the main harbor for boats to Lombok as well as quite close to destinations in Northern Bali such as CandiDasa, Tulamben and Amed.

EkaJaya Express operates the following route:

Serangan (Bali) – Lembongan – Padang Bai (North-East Bali) – Gili T – Gili Air – Teluk Nare (Lombok)

The Lembongan – Padang Bai segment departs Lembongan at 9:30 and in the opposite direction from Padang Bai to Lembongan at 13:00

What is Project AWARE all about?

Project AWARE was set up by PADI as a 10 years environmental campaign. The response in the dive community was so good that it was decided to create a non-profit organisation in order to protect the underwater world. Project Aware is a global movement of divers and people who care about the underwater environment and take actions to protect it. 

Project Aware uses global campaigns about specific issues such as shark conservation and marine debris in order to attract attention on these problems and lead to actions. 

Here at Blue Corner Dive we are 100% Project Aware, which means that for every single student we certify we make a donation to Project Aware. That’s one way for use of contributing to the conservation of the underwater world we love so much!

Another way that we help spreading the word about conservation is through education. We offer some specific Project Aware courses that are oriented towards specific conservation issues and also a better knowledge of some marine species. Here is a look at what we can offer here at Blue Corner Dive:

  • Shark Conservation specialty is a one day course that includes two dives and some theory. You look at specific features of sharks, various species and then discuss threats to sharks and what actions can be taken for protection
  • Dive Against Debris specialty is designed to teach the student how to organise a debris dive, what data to collect in order to help research about marine debris. It includes some theory and a clean-up dive. 
  • Manta Awareness is a specialty designed specifically for Nusa Lembongan, that will teach you about the different species of manta rays, threats and opportunities for these gentle giants, and how to help the research here led by Marine Megafauna about our resident manta population. 

So what are you waiting for? Join the movement! 




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"Racing Extinction", a must see movie!

Racing Extinction, a great movie!

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More than just Mantas & Molas

Anybody who has heard about the diving around Nusa Lembongan and Penida also knows that it is one of the top spots in the world for diving with Manta Rays and Ocean Sunfish (Mola mola). But diving in this area is so much more than just these beautiful creatures!

The coral and reef fish biodiversity around these islands is second to none! Penida and Lembongan islands lay at the bottom of the main channel in the Indonesian Through-Flow which is current of water which drains the Pacific Ocean into the Indian Ocean. Larvae from marine organisms are drawn into this current from a vast area of the Pacific Ocean. These larval fish, corals and invertebrates then settle out and grow up on our reefs here in Penida/Lembongan islands. The biodiversity of Pacific marine organisms is huge here in Lembongan! Additionally, our geographic location at the bottom of the channel is also exposed to the Indian Ocean, and so also get many marine organisms native to the Indian Ocean!



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What is the Instructor Development Course all about?

So you have decided to take it to the next level and to become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor? Congratulations, that an important step towards a great career in diving!

Now you are searching the internet and looking at “IDC” and “IE” and “dive theory prep” and a bunch of things you are not too sure about…So let me explain how this could go!

Here at Blue Corner Dive, we usually start the course 2 or 3 days earlier than necessary so we have time to go over your dive theory, review it with you, give you studying tips and also see if you need help with some of the topics. Also you get to hang out with the other instructor candidates and since you will spend pretty much 3 weeks together every day, it’s a good time to make friends!!!

Depending on what you need to work on and also languages request, one of us will be there helping you out with all of this. The course is available in French and Spanish too so you can choose to take the practice exams in your language and see what works best for you! For example if you plan on working in an English speaking area and English is not your first language, you might decide to do the entire course in English to get comfortable with everything but you could still need help or explanations in another language.

IDC stands for Instructor Development Course. which is the part that you will do with us. There will be classroom time, pool and open water, we will go through all the courses in detail so you know what awaits you, you will get to practice a lot of skills, to get some tips about teaching and to ask all the questions that you want, work on your dive theory, etc.

Once the IDC is finished, then we will get ready for the IE, the Instructor Examination. This part is conducted by PADI examiners and will go over some theory exams, a classroom session, a pool session and finally an open water session. We will be here to support you and take care of the logistics, but by this time you will be ready to fly all solo and show the examiner what you can do!

So....what are you waiting for? We are looking forward to train you in paradise to become a dive professional!! 


Lembongan Marine Association

Lembongan Marine Association is an organization set up by local dive shops to safeguard the local marine area of Nusa Lembongan, Cenigan and Nusa Penida.

It aims to improve safety and awareness of diving in Lembongan, Cenigan and Nusa Penida. One of the first projects that LMA put in place was to provide dive resort staff access to a free First Aid course. The course has the same content as the PADI Emergency First Responder course and has been a great success. All of Blue Corners staff has attended and are qualified Emergency First Responders, so you can feel safe around here :)

LMA work together with Aquatic Alliance on a number of environmental causes including educational talks, free for everyone to enjoy, and training courses for divers on appropriate behavior around Manta Rays and Molas.

LMA also agreed on a set of standards for good tourist behavior, which are the following:


and set a good example of how your own interactions with the environment can make a difference, then watch as other people learn from you.


most non-organic waste will clog the septic tanks causing tainted water to flow into the land, sea and into wells.


it will save you money and is a super easy way to be green. Ask your hotel restaurant for a refill from the "gallon", they'll know what you mean.


by trying turning it off when not in use. We live on a small island and water is precious.


when you leave the room, just like you do, or should be doing, at home.


and encourage responsible behavior by walking the few extra steps to collect rubbish and toss it in a bin. Better yet, don't by plastic products or use plastic bags. There are locations that will properly recycle your trash, ask your hotel or dive shop for more info.


or collect sea shells or coral from the ocean. Our guests come from around the world to see our sea life and it should stay here. Buying shells only creates a marked for more, and guess what, even tho you are just one person, you DO make a difference.


coral and other animals are very fragile and grow slowly. Touching or kicking anything in the marine ecosystem will damage it so please respect their space, watch from a distance, and remember; good bouyancy.


like touching environmental life, walking on reefs, boat anchoring and discarding trash, these actions are usually done out of ignorance so help others to understand that eco-approperiate behavior is critical by explaining how we can respect and look after the environment. You can also report offenses to your hotel or dive shop and remember; a picture is worth a thousand words.


want to know how? Just ask!


Why Blue Corner?

5 Divemasters on why they chose Blue Corner for their DM course.

Dan, 33, Australian

I knew I wanted to do a lot of diving and surfing on my holiday, with Nusa Lembongan being one of the few places where both great diving and consistent surf combine in an established but still slower paced community. A friend recommended Blue Corner Dive and it is clear why, everyone is has been fun, helpful and supportive throughout my zero to hero dive master course. I will return in the future to complete my Instructor course.


Sophia and Tomas, 28, French

Nous n'avions jamais plongée avant d'arriver sur l’île et nous voila Divemaster grâce au Blue Corner! Nous avions déjà repéré leur site internet qui nous paraissait vraiment pro. Nous avons quand même fait le tour de la plupart des Dive Shops de Lembongan et Blue Corner était définitivement le plus professionnel. Nous avons passé 3 mois de plongées avec eux et on ne le regrette pas! Une super équipe professionnelle, des super plongées, des supers soirées... Bref le meilleur dive shop de l’île!! Merci encore à toute l’équipe!!


Marcus, 30, English

I ended up here on a recommendation from Anna at Big Bubble, Gili T, because I wanted to see big stuff, like Mantas, Whale Shark and the like. Then when arriving the set up of Blue Corner was just ideal. Nice pool, great bar, it's right on the beach, staff are very friendly and professional. I would up it all the way to fantastic! "Its a little slice of Paradise".


Melanie, 28, French Canadian

At first my plan was to be on Nusa Lembongan for a few days only, as many foreigners who come here to see the elegant dance of the Manta Rays, and continue on my trip. After a month I'm still on this peaceful island surrounded by the most friendly people. This island and its stunning dive sites has literally bewitched me. Flabbergasted by what was above the sea and below it, I decided to take my diving to a professional level and start my Dive Master Training. Blue Corner offers the perfect balance between having fun and being focused and serious in your training. The team is just incredible, very helpful, so experienced and always there to guide you. Furthermore, as a French Canadian, having the chance to be supported by other French instructors is a huge plas for me when I need a translation!

It's simple, Lembongan, Blue Corner, became a second home for me. Committing to my DMT here was the best decision that I ever made.

Made is the best!

I would like to tell you a story about my first experiences diving...
I went to Bali on my own as a backpacker last year in October, I wanted to get my Open Water certificate. I went to Bali because my ex-boyfriend recommended it to me, he had done his Dive Master there and loved it! When I then decided on going to Bali, my cousin recommended Blue Corner Dive at Nusa Lembongan, a small island just east of Bali. Him and his girlfriend had just done their OW certificates with that dive shop, and they couldn't get their hands down, they loved every second of it!
They had both had Made Partayasa as their instructor, and they kept talking about how good an instructor he was to both of them etc.. So they gave me his contact details, and that way I could get in contact with him before I arrived to Nusa Lembongan, Bali. So a few weeks before leaving home, I contacted Made and we agreed on when I should start my OW.

When I arrived, single blond girl in Bali, I felt overwhelmed by all the people WHO wanted to talk to me, and offer me pretty much ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! But Made helped me (we talked over Facebook) finding a nice place to stay, where they could help me find my way out to Nusa Lembongan. When I arrived in Nusa Lembongan Cody (one of the owners of Blue Corner Dive) met me at the Dive shop, and said I could start my course with Made P. that afternoon.

When I came back that afternoon, I was met with a huge smile and a really warm welcome from Made P.! He made me feel comfortable from the beginning, and as we went on with the course, I finally understood why my cousin and his girlfriend had been so pleased with Made as their instructor. He always praised me for how easy a learner I was, how quick and well I did my exercises (in the pool, theory etc.) and it was ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS with a big smile on his face.
I simply loved doing my OW and because I had had such a good instructor, I decided to continue straight into my Advanced (which I had never at this point considered doing), Again with Made P. as a fabulous instructor, helper and friend. He is excellent at finding stuff, often new stuff every time, when we go under water. I really enjoyed all of my dives doing my Adv. OW as well, and started thinking about; maybe I should do my Rescue.. Because Made had made me love diving, so I started reading a lot more about it and got more and more sure about the fact, that I wanted to my Rescue.
I was meant to stay in Nusa Lembongan for 4 days, I finally left after 15 days, and two dive courses richer. I travelled around Bali for another four weeks, went to New Zealand as planned, and during my six weeks here, I decided to change my flights, so I could go back to Lembongan for another two weeks instead of heading straight home.
I am now a Rescue Diver and this is all because of one person - Made Partayasa!
He showed me the wonderful world of diving, and the great things that follow. I think he deserves to know how good an instructor he is, he really did change my life in a very short time. He wasn't just a really good instructor, he is the perfect instructor! 

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New Website

Our brand new website is now live with our lovely new Blog. Please check back for regular updates on the shop, the bar and diving! 

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