What is Project AWARE all about?

Project AWARE was set up by PADI as a 10 years environmental campaign. The response in the dive community was so good that it was decided to create a non-profit organisation in order to protect the underwater world. Project Aware is a global movement of divers and people who care about the underwater environment and take actions to protect it. 

Project Aware uses global campaigns about specific issues such as shark conservation and marine debris in order to attract attention on these problems and lead to actions. 

Here at Blue Corner Dive we are 100% Project Aware, which means that for every single student we certify we make a donation to Project Aware. That’s one way for use of contributing to the conservation of the underwater world we love so much!

Another way that we help spreading the word about conservation is through education. We offer some specific Project Aware courses that are oriented towards specific conservation issues and also a better knowledge of some marine species. Here is a look at what we can offer here at Blue Corner Dive:

  • Shark Conservation specialty is a one day course that includes two dives and some theory. You look at specific features of sharks, various species and then discuss threats to sharks and what actions can be taken for protection
  • Dive Against Debris specialty is designed to teach the student how to organise a debris dive, what data to collect in order to help research about marine debris. It includes some theory and a clean-up dive. 
  • Manta Awareness is a specialty designed specifically for Nusa Lembongan, that will teach you about the different species of manta rays, threats and opportunities for these gentle giants, and how to help the research here led by Marine Megafauna about our resident manta population. 

So what are you waiting for? Join the movement! 




Posted on February 10, 2016 .