Training local Divemasters & Instructors on Nusa Lembongan

Here at Blue Corner Dive we pride ourselves on giving back to the local community on our beautiful island. One of the ways in which we help to support the local economy is by employing local staff in our Dive Centers, restaurant and bar. All of our local staff are given full training in whichever area they will be initially employed and we make every effort to ensure that our staff have pathways of development – whether they start in the bar and then learn to dive and become a Dive Guide or start as a Dive Guide and progress to becoming a PADI Instructor– we encourage all of our team to be the best that they can be and we offer them full support in whichever field they choose to excel in.

Herman and Eka, PADI Divemasters

The schools and standards of education on the island are a far cry from the systems we take for granted in our home countries, and when it comes to training PADI Divemasters and PADI Instructors it takes a huge commitment and dedication from the individuals – which we will equally match. Quite often, prior to even beginning dive training they will need to develop their English language skills and overcome the natural shyness which they have when speaking a foreign language to guests. 

Many of our staff only attended school up the age of 13 or 14 years old and have never developed studying skills and their mathematics and knowledge of basic scientific principles is not on par with what you might expect to find at home. When our staff pass their diving theory tests it’s a huge achievement and one which we are immensely proud to be a part of.

 The learning process is almost always a two-way street – as we teach locals about diving, marine eco systems, English, science and mathematics we almost always learn something  from them too!

At Blue Corner Dive we offer local people from the island the opportunity to become certified PADI Divemasters, starting from Open Water level, and for those who want to become Instructors we have sponsorship schemes in place, designed to assist them with learning and funding for the PADI Instructor Development Course which they can take with us while working and earning.

 How Do Blue Corner Guests Benefit from Our Local Training Programs?

 By training and employing local Divemasters and Instructors it means we are not reliant on transient expat instructors who are literally living the dream of a new destination every year. Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida have a range of dive sites for all levels of diver including some more challenging sites where an experienced guide is essential. Our local team have literally decades of experience between them at diving in these waters and are experts at reading the currents and understanding how and when to dive. Our expat team also consists of permanent staff who have been diving our dive sites for years.

We have celebrated many success stories over the years (including certifying 5 local PADI Divemasters and around 25 local PADI Instructors), As the ONLY PADI Career Development Centers on the island we even train Divemasters from other dive centers on Lembongan through to PADI Instructor level! Our own Blue Corner Dive local Instructors trained with us on sponsorship programs and have been employed by Blue Corner Dive ever since. They have built excellent reputations for themselves, based on their expertise, diving skills, local knowledge and tenacity for teaching – we consider ourselves extremely privileged that they have chosen to be a part of our team.  

Meet Blue Corner’s Made and Made!

 “Made P” (Pronounced Mad-day)

 Made P joined the Blue Corner Dive Team in 2012 and has been diving around the islands since 1998as a freelance PADI Divemaster. Made is well known for his easy smile, professional attitude and over 20 year’s experience and knowledge of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida dive sites. Made was one of the first local instructors to train with us and he is now one of only a few Balinese PADI Master Instructors (that’s just one level below Course Director). Made loves teaching PADI courses of all levels and there isn’t much he doesn’t know about PADI Standards, dive techniques and local marine life. Made is enthusiastic and his students love him for good reasons. He is a very safe diver who adapts his teaching techniques according to his students’ abilities. He’ll never rush or pressure you, and chooses instead to take time to allow students to develop at their own pace. Made is also a trained equipment technician who speaks fluent English, Indonesian and even some Japanese!

 What Our Recent Guests Say About Made P:

Great open water experience

My wife and I loved the open water course at blue corner with instructor Made P. Was a very professionally run course but the atmosphere at the centre and on the boats is chilled and welcoming. Lots of fun. Highly recommend open water at blue corner with Made P!

 - Reviewed by Chris J, TripAdvisor, September 2018 

“Made G” 

Made G’s experience of the ocean began when he took up surfing and later became a local boat captain. With a love for the ocean he started diving in 1999 and quickly became an expert on the local dive sites with an in depth knowledge of the tides and currents. Made G loves drift diving and is the perfect instructor for those who are nervous when starting out. Made G’s clear explanations and encouragement have helped many divers to overcome their anxieties, built their confidence and fall in love with diving. Made loves teaching courses of all levels from complete beginners through to those taking professional level programs.

Made G is well known in the local community and he is also in charge of any cultural events which we host and if you want to learn more about the culture and religion of the island, Made G is the man to ask!

 What Our Recent Guests Say About Made G:

Amazing diving center!

We booked for an advanced open water lesson in 2 days, 5 dives. Price is relatively cheap !!!
Very friendly and accommodating. We met our instructor « Made G » he was AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!
He is a local yet speaks very well English, patient, reassuring, very talented and funny ;-) !!!!
Dive sites were soooo beautiful, so many fish to see!  Couldn’t recommend it enough !!!
Thank you Made G!!!”

  - Reviewed by Alexandre D, TripAdvisor, September 2018

Are you planning to “Go Pro” and become a PADI Divemaster or Instructoron Nusa Lembongan? Nusa Lembongan is often described as being similar to Bali over 20 years ago – chilled out, a slower pace of life, stunning beaches and phenomenal diving.

Becoming a PADI Divemaster or Instructor with Blue Corner Dive is your ticket to an amazing life of travel, discovery and some of the best diving on the planet. You’ll even meet our two Made’s while you are here!

For more information or to make a reservation you can fill in the online contact form or send a direct email to and we’ll get back to your straight away.

We look forward to meeting you and diving Nusa Lembongan with you soon!