Blue Corner Dive: Committed to Diver Safety in Bali

Are you planning your next Scuba Diving trip to Bali? Are you trying to decide where to stay and where to dive? At Blue Corner Dive we have 4 PADI Dive Centers which are located at Bali’s most popular diving areas: Nusa Lembongan (JungutBatu and Mushroom Bay), Nusa Penida and Pemuteran in North West Bali.

Across our 4 dive centers we are able to offer drift diving, wall diving, sloping reefs, sandy bays, shore dives, boat dives and the list goes on, but one standard, which is our number one priority across the board is our commitment to diver safety.

We want you to have the best diving experience possible and we know that quality diving experiences depend on divers feeling safe and knowing that they are diving with professionals who never compromise on safety. All Blue Corner Dive staff are experienced PADI Professionals who have a genuine passion for promoting safe and fun diving and who will go the extra mile to make your dives memorable – for all the right reasons! 

Here are just a few of the extra steps that we take to minimize risk and maximize your overall experience while you are diving with us here in Bali:

-      We believe in keeping our groups small so you’ll never find yourself “lost in the crowd”. We have a maximum PADI Professional to Guest ratio of 1:4. 

-      ALL of our dives have a maximum dive time of 60 minutes plus a 3-minute safety stop. Early awareness of a problem really does save lives. Your Divemaster’s “safety sausage” will be breaking the surface at 60 minutes when you begin your safety stop, during which time our boat will make it’s way over to you and be waiting for you when you surface. This means you get to enjoy a full 60 minutes of incredible diving and don’t have unnecessary waiting time in the water.

-      ALL Blue Corner Dive boats have marine radios which are used to radio in when you enter and exit the water. This enables us to detect and radio other boats for assistance at the first sign of any unusual activity. 

-      Every Blue Corner Diver has a whistle. PADI recommend that every diver carries a visual (SMB) and audible signaling device so we take care of this for you.

-      All of our rental BCDs have SMBs (Surface Marker Buoys) in the pockets. Should you become separated from your group an SMB is an invaluable piece of equipment. You’ll be able to inflate it at the surface which will make you more visible to the boat for your pick up.

-      ALL of our boats carry emergency breathing oxygen and first aid kits and our dive staff are all Emergency First Responders and undergo regular training for emergency situations and reviewing our emergency action plans. Blue Corner boat crew are also trained in Oxygen delivery and CPR – you are in safe hands

-      Your diver training certification level lets us know the maximum depth you’ve been trained to dive to. The PADI Open Water Course certifies you to 18 meters and the Advanced Open Water Certification allows you to dive to 30 meters. At many of our sites the best corals are in the 14 meter range which is available to all - and if you want to check out some deeper dives, join us for your PADI Advanced Course while you are here!

We hope this list goes some way to showing our in-house commitment to safety. In addition to our own policies and procedures, Blue Corner Dive was one of the founding members of the Lembongan Marine Association which we co-founded in 2012. The aim of the Association is to safeguard our local marine area and to form an allegiance of dive centers who work together to improve diver safety. We are extremely proud of the positive effects that the Marine Association has had in bringing dive centers together to achieve common goals and that 6 years on, it continues to make a difference!

Check out some of our recent guest comments:

Open Water and Advanced Course

We are over the moon we chose blue corner to complete our PADI licenses… I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor!! So professional, knowledgeable, reassuring and fun. As a nervous diver I never felt unsafe and I feel like I was taught every thing with so much attention to detail and I feel going forward I can dive anywhere in the world with Blue Corner’s positive and encouraging advice!

Thank you so much for everything!!! Overcoming my fear of the sea with your help means the world :)

TripAdvisor: CheriS47 – July 2018

Best First Dive Experience I Could Have Ever Asked For!

My partner and I travelled to Nusa Lembongan specifically to go diving. I had never done it before, and was super nervous, but the staff at Blue Corner made me so comfortable and so excited to dive, I had the best time and I can’t wait to do it again. Whenever I was nervous they were always there to hold my hand and make me feel really safe. It was a great first experience diving and I can’t wait to get back out there one day soon! Thanks

TripAdvisor: ImmyC24, Perth, Australia – July 2018

So are you ready to dive in and explore some of the best dive sites in Indonesia with us? To make a reservation for fun diving, PADI Courses, Pro Courses or to ask for more information, contact us on:

We look forward to diving in Bali with you soon!

Manta Rays can be seen in Nusa Penida Marine Park all year around. Dive with Blue Corner Dive at Manta Point