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Diving with Manta Rays

Have you dived with manta rays before? We are extremely fortunate here on Nusa Lembongan to have a resident population of reef manta rays (Manta alfredi)  right on our doorstep and these majestic rays never disappoint.

We have not only one but two different dive sites which we visit for incredible encounters with this amazing species:

Manta Point is a world famous dive site which features a huge coral bommie which the manta rays visit for cleaning. The bommie is encrusted with corals and anemones which attract reef fish in hoards. These small reef fish then work in symbiosis with the manta rays. As the mantas hover over the bommie the small reef fish go to work on cleaning parasites from their skin, around the eyes and even inside their cavernous mouths. 

Manta Bay is a shallow dive site where we commonly see juvenile manta rays. When manta rays are born they measure around 1.2 meters from fin tip to fin tip and they tend to stay in shallow bays – such as this. Manta Bay is an epic site which gives us the rare opportunity to dive alongside staggering cliffs and the topography is stunning. You’ll see wave rolling off the cliffs from underwater and when the sun is shining down the rays create incredible effects for underwater photographers.

At Blue Corner our team of PADI Dive Masters and Instructors are experts at guiding you around these sites. They know exactly where to go for the best chances of a sighting. Don’t be surprised if a manta gets up close to you – they are often curious about divers’ bubbles and will come for a closer look.

These magnificent giants are completely harmless. Having evolved from stingrays millions of years ago they no longer have a stinging spine and when their massive mouths are open they are gathering plankton from the rich waters around the island. 

Did you know that the spot pattern on a manta ray’s underside is unique to that individual? Manta ray ventral spot patters are like human fingerprints and make it possible for us to recognize individuals time and time again. It’s always nice to see some of our regulars.

Manta rays also have the largest brain of any known fish species – much bigger than that of a great white shark. Their behavior around these dive sites is always intriguing and one which we hope to share with you!

Are you planning your next diving vacation in Bali? Are you deciding where to dive? Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan are the best places to stay if you want to dive with mantas. From all three of our island based dive operations (Mushroom Bay, Jungutbatu and Nusa Penida) we are in close proximity and you’ll be assured of diving teams who are diving these awesome sites day in and day out. When we say we are experts in the area we mean it!

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Manta Ray and PADI Scuba Diver
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