Divemasters: Where Are They Now?

Cassie Windows

Once I finished my Divemaster at Blue Corner in Nusa Lembongan I returned home to Australia. After spending a few weeks not scuba diving, I decided to email the dive shop closest to me to see if they were looking for DM’s - and to my surprise - they were!

I am really enjoying being a DM. I am not a person who gets out of bed early but I’ve been extremely excited to get up at 5.30am just because I know I get to go scuba diving and show divers the wonders of the Solitary Islands (Coffs Harbour). I have been taking certified divers of all levels by myself, at first it was daunting but once I got underwater it felt the same as our practice guiding and I continued as if I had the other DMC’s behind me and our DM instructor at the back of the group watching how I was guiding. When the dive was over I would think to myself what I did well, and what I could improve on, just like our debriefs we had after each dive.

My Divemaster training at Blue Corner Dive taught me to be constantly aware of my surroundings and always plan one step ahead of any situation. I am confident in conversation about diving, organising dive trips and the correct gear for each individual. This confidence is something I picked up from my weekly office shift at Blue Corner Dive, interacting with guests and talking about the wonderful dive sites that surrounded us. My dive briefings also flow more smoothly after learning a fail-proof layout and using repetition throughout my program.

Blue Corner Dive is full of bubbly personalities who love to dive and make everything fun. I have found myself doing little dances to get my wetsuit on, having bubble ring competitions with my divers at the end of each dives and bringing just a little bit more fun into everything that I do. When I was the guest I really appreciated having a dive team who were so excited and passionate about diving, so I hope to pass this on others.


Emma Popham

I first came to Blue Corner Dive in October 2017 to complete my Advanced Open Water course on a recommendation from a friend. Having a biology background, I was already hooked on the underwater world and ready to explore what Nusa Lembongan had to offer me! My advanced course was with the fab instructor Becky who guided me through some amazing dives. I was lucky enough to spot Manta Rays and the elusive Mola Mola! 

After completing my rescue diver certification in Australia, I decided I wanted to return to Nusa Lembongan for my Divemaster course. I felt that the quality of diving, safety and professionalism at Blue Corner was fantastic and that the friendly and sociable atmosphere was perfect for one month of DMC training.  

After an epic month and program, I decided to stick around to continue my dive journey with Blue Corner and become an instructor! I'm super excited to be staying in paradise for longer than I had planned.  

Returning to Blue Corner Dive, Nusa Lembongan, has honestly been one of the best decisions I've ever made. I feel so supported by the awesome team here and all I can say is THANK YOU BLUE CORNER DIVE!

Danni Kupschus
I signed up for my Divemaster with Blue Corner after I completed the awesome Scientific Diving course and it just made sense as a Marine Biologist to also be trained professionally in scuba diving. 

I didn't think much about a diving career at first, but soon after starting the course, my view changed. Becky and her amazing teaching style definitely left a huge impression on me. Only one week into the program I got offered a full time job in Greece as a Divemaster, allowing me to save and come back to do my Instructor course at Blue Corner as soon as I can. 

I feel like a whole new world of opportunities has opened up to me since completing my Divemaster. Thanks to the support of Becky and Blue Corner Dive, I’ve never felt so inspired and confident in adjusting my career goals. Thank you! 

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