Where to Find the Elusive Wi-Fi on Nusa Lembongan

Oh how we love our precious Wi-Fi. Nowadays the internet is life, especially when traveling. It’s how we communicate, research, book accommodations and show off what amazing adventures we’re having. Many of us are used to high-speed 4G connection, we’re here to tell you that is simply not the case on Nusa Lembongan. Finding good, consistent wifi is like spotting a pelagic. Sometimes you’re lucky and see a Thresher shark or three Molas at one time. It’s rare, but exciting.

No more holding your phones up high or shouting at your laptop. We’re here to help you find this elusive Lembongan Wi-Fi and show you some of our favourite spots.

First and foremost Lembongan is an island and abides by an island lifestyle – one of the reasons we love it so much! That means that most of the public cafes, restaurants and bars are open-air (aka they don’t have walls or windows). You’re not going to find a nice A/C Starbucks like you may in Bali or at home. The benefit is that most places are near a pool or ocean.  You can conduct your daily internet creeping, sunbathe, jump in the beachside pool, cool off and repeat. This whole limited Wi-Fi thing doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

At Blue Corner we have a plethora of digital nomads working for us. So we understand that just finding good Wi-Fi may not be enough. A good espresso, decent background music and private space are just a few preferences of our own digital workers. If you can relate, then read on to discover what spots may be best for you and your Wi-Fi adventure!

For your convenience we’ve created snapshots of each spot. This includes the general location, overall vibe, what coffee is offered (if you’d like an alternative to Bali coffee or Nescafe), available outlets (very important for those laptop users) and, because there’s no A/C, how you may cool off.


Blue Corner Dive

Sorry, not sorry. This isn’t a ploy to get you to visit us; I mean we would love to see you, but our Wi-Fi is some of the best on the island. We have digital nomads that live at our bar and not just for the great company and beer. Blue Corner has two routers, which allows for greater volume capacity and consistency. We are also located on the beach, providing you with great views and perhaps some inspiration.

Image 2.png

Sandy Bay Beach Club

This is a high-end resort with a stunning view of the ocean and boasts a beachside pool. If you’re trying to do actual work, we’d recommend getting there in the morning or early afternoon. They have a relaxed, party vibe that attracts a lot of people. Additionally, if you don’t like elevator style dance music, we suggest bringing headphones. The Wi-Fi at Sandy Bay is excellent and the second most consistent next to Blue Corner. Good coffee and slightly overpriced food is available. Prime spot for sunbathing and people watching.

Image 5.png

Pandana Boutique Hotel

This is a stunning location up in the hills of Lembongan. It has two beautiful pools, one on the lower level and the second over looking Mushroom Bay. It’s privately owned by a lovely Kiwi named Trish. She welcomes outside guests and wants to share her beautiful hotel with everyone! The location is very secluded and you must climb 50+ steps, but it’s worth it. Coffee and a full menu is available (please remember to buy something and support Trish!)

Image 8.png

The Sampan

This is a lovely café and restaurant just up the road from Blue Corner. The internet is best in the morning around 8am – 1pm.  It’s a larger space and less crowded. They also have a great lunch and dinner menu.

Image 3.png

Two Towers

If you want to go for a work out, then coffee and laptop time, check out the Two Towers! It’s located in a more isolated spot on top of the hill next to K-Gym. This location has a strong connection, good coffee and peace and quiet (minus the occasional grunt from the gym rats next door).

Image 6.png

Ginger and Jamu

This is your ideal Instagram beachside café. It’s a lovely spot with amazing coffee. However, out of all our recommendations, Ginger and Jamu have the least consistent Wi-Fi. At times it can be great, but we recommend testing it out before ordering that double espresso. Additionally, it’s a popular spot and often has a lot of visitors.

Image 9.png

There you have it all you Wi-Fi addicts, digital nomads and social media obsessors. Our top Wi-Fi spots on Nusa Lembongan. We sincerely hope that this avoids any hair pulling or feeding your phone to the sea. We’ve been there. Too many times.

Additionally, if you need Wi-Fi for dive shop research, look no further. Blue Corner offers Open Water and Advanced, Rescue and EFR, Divemaster, Instructor Development Course (IDC), scientific diving and conservation, freediving, PADI specialties, and loads of fun diving! Or if you’re in need of some advice about any of the above feel free to explore our blogs. We’ve got the inside scoop and, of course, great Wi-Fi!

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