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Blue Corner Dive’s IDC Lembongan is taught in Bahasa by PADI Course Director Made Partayasa , giving the local community and more Indonesians the opportunity to pursue a diving career. Made P wishes to mentor individuals like him and encourage people from Nusa Lembongan to become divers.

Nusa Lembongan is Bali’s closest island, only 25 minutes by boat, and is the perfect IDC location for those looking to escape the mainland and have a shorter commute to the surrounding world-class dive spots.

Our facilities are well maintained, with comfortable boats and serviced equipment, a purpose built infinity training pool, and a quiet air conditioned classroom and reference library just for instructor candidates. We offer all of this on a white sand beach famous for sunset views, a popular island bar and restaurant, and accommodation for all budgets. Don’t be surprised if like us, you get stuck here too!


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Made Partayasa

My personal journey to becoming a diver and dive instructor started a while back when I was a seaweed farmer and then started as a boat captain in 1996. I was given an opportunity to learn to dive and worked my way to PADI DiveMaster August 2008 I Trained through a system that was maybe more of one that was “because I was a good Diver, I could become a Divemaster” – I know now through the training offered at Blue Corner Dive that this was not ideal training. 

I started at Blue Corner Dive in April 2012 and Cody and Andrew mentored me and encouraged me to become a dive instructor. This was not an easy process as I struggled with Mathematics but never with standards. I completed my IDC November 2012, it was a great day. Over the next few years I worked as an instructor and continued to develop my skills and knowledge and became a very respected instructor, I was a recipient of DIVE EDUCATOR of THE MONTH. Cody continued to mentor me and my dive theory knowledge has grown as well as teaching techniques. Last year I moved from the day to day teaching of recreational courses and began working full time with Cody as the IDC Staff Instructor. 

Blue Corner Dive has many candidates from Indonesia and I want to mentor more individuals like me to earn the PADI OWSI rating and encourage more people from my island to become divers. We have a great reef system here and it needs to be enjoyed by more people including Indonesians. Here at Blue Corner we have trained many Indonesian Divemaster Candidates many who now work at Blue Corner or at other dive centres on the island and I want to encourage them to take the IDC with me to help improve their family income and to have more Indonesian divers in the water experiencing what so many tourists come to see every year.

Recently Ibu Susi – the minister for Marine Affairs – started a program for children to provide goggles for coastal children so they could see the beauty of the underwater world and see how important it is to protect. What an amazing program and I want to encourage and build on this by encouraging people from my island and around Indonesia to become divers and dive instructors. 

My goal is not just to create a dive instructor but a dive instructor who will maintain good training standards and encourage all of their divers to protect the reef from Damage so that my children can also enjoy the reef. I see many dive instructors and Divemasters who struggle with standards and want to have my Instructors be safe divers with a high attention to standards – something that is very focal for Blue Corner Dive and central to our training programs for all divers. When Cody and Andrew encouraged me to be an Instructor it was a difficult choice, only one other person from Lembongan had been successful at the IE, others had tried and failed – this was really scary, and once someone had failed the IE a number of times no other Lembongan Diver was willing to try! I truly believe that my life was changed when I became a dive instructor, it was better for me and my family and I want that for others in my country.

Once I became a dive instructor and was open about my struggles many more divers from Lembongan wanted to try to become dive instructors and over the years Blue Corner has successfully helped many people from Lembongan, Nusa Penida and Indonesia become Dive Instructors. I was only the second Indonesian instructor from Lembongan, and the first IDCS Instructor and wish to be the first Lembongan CD again to encourage people to do better and help maintain high PADI Standards and High-quality courses. 



IDC Programs

17 Day IDC

Our standard 17 day instructor covers everything you need to be a Scuba Instructor, and is made for those who have a little less time available.

With 3 free days of fun diving and a freediving intro, we throw in a few bonuses just for fun.

25 Day IDC

Our 25 day IDC (25 for 25) is our MOST POPULAR sell, and is setup for those who want to add a whole lot more value for a little extra money. With this IDC program we include 5 speciality instructor ratings needed to eventually apply for your Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) certification, and making you a more valued asset in the industry. We also throw in a few other goodies, such as an overnight dive trip to Bali to dive the Liberty Wreck in Tulamben, and a bonus Project AWARE Dive Against Debris specialty to help you make a difference on every dive.

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